Strobilo is a health & climate-tech company that uses the most advanced neurosciences’ techniques in combination with AI to study the relationship between Human Beings and the Planet Earth.

By using a multilayer analysis’ approach, we can collect, study and predict an unprecedented amount of data. With the help of Machine learning and AI we would like to bring the invisible wires that connect Humans to the planet, and use this data to create a better environment.


Over 1 million people call in sick everyday due to work related stress. Pandemic and massive lockdowns of 2020 have put brought wellbeing to the forefront of consumer lifestyles. The connection between spending time in nature and physical and mental wellbeing has become even more urgent and evident.

The urgency to recover this ancient link between humans and nature could be achieved through neuroscientific techniques. This alongside powerful media coverage on the cultural and ethical interest will allow for an in-depth understanding of this paradigm.

Strobilo’s approach, coupled with that of our partners, is therefore intended to represent a milestone and avant-garde method of how science can be utilized to favor humans and their well-being.

Embracing the

How can we know which data most influence human beings on a large scale?

Throughout our lives, we carry around with us, enclosed in the skullcap, the most complex and excellent system known to man: the human brain.

Only in recent decades has it been possible to shed light on the behavior, structures, and regularities within complex systems. The reason for this scientific delay is straightforward: to study complex objects you need computers. With the advent of electronic data processing, it has become possible to process enormous quantities of information effectively.

making the intangible, measurable.

Data alone doesn’t solve problems—it must be analyzed and applied to become actionable. There’s an opportunity to get much faster at analyzing all this data if we leverage technology to automate these processes.


Global + historical Data from archives




Neuro + Body data


Artificial intelligence

Any techniques which enables computer to mimic behavior.

Machine learning

Subset of AI which use the statistical Methods to enable machine to improve With experiences

Deep Learning

Subset of ML which make the computation of multi-layer neural Networks feasible

Our 3
Layer system

Connection in the Self leads to the connection with nature, and vice versa. The experience of oneness with nature has the power to nurture your mind and rejuvenate your body.

With the help of Machine learning and AI we would like to bring the invisible wires that connect Humans to the planet earth, and use this data to create a better environment.

Why now?

Because the choices of the future will necessarily have to be based on data. We need to know more about what is happening to our planet in order to build more effective solutions.

Why us?

The world needs decisions that are informed by science.

With technology, we can better package and translate the insights from our science into products that can be understood by key decision-makers – the people who manage our natural resources and drive policies that affect our food, water and climate. Currently, we are lacking effective decision-support platforms for these key groups, the farmers, fishermen, utility managers as well as CEOs and government officials whose decisions impact the health of our planet.


Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, feel free to connect with us on Instagram and LinkedIn